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Romancing Demons: Taboo

**Book One**

When a restless, sheltered young woman meets a brooding, lonely man, both desperate for affection and true love, chemistry is sparked and nothing will keep them apart, not even the fact that their parents are married. Lacey is shy yet eager to experience the world; Reed is hiding from his demons that refuse to even let him sleep at night. She thrives off his energy, and he hopes to cleanse his past with her innocence. They may be step siblings, but it doesn’t stop them from falling madly in love with one another. If their affair is discovered, they could be ridiculed and mocked out of town. Their parents might disown them. They might find themselves abandoned by all their friends and peers.

That’s not what Reed fears the most, however. It’s having Lacey realize just how deep his mental scars go, for if she ever left him, he could not be held responsible for his actions. The second installment, "Decadence," will be released in April, and the third, "Rapture," will be released in June.

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Romancing Demons: Decadence

**Book Two**

Lacey quickly discovers being in love is harder than she thought, and sometimes, good intentions have no value with the people who want to see her fail. Living in a state of hopeful denial, she is completely blindsided when the past they tried to run from catches up to them. When she and Reed are ripped apart, she learns her loving husband isn’t as strong as she thought he was. Their united front crashes and burns in the blink of an eye.

Alone, abandoned, and heartbroken, life throws her down a new path that is far more uncertain than marrying her stepbrother. Where once she was timid and afraid of the world, she has no choice but to face a future alone. Trying to be brave, she may have just put herself into another forbidden situation with a series of impulsive choices. Sadly, Lacey soon discovers that history will repeat itself.

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Romancing Demons: Rapture

***Book Three***

All of Lacey’s dreams have come true. She’s married to the love of her life, their family is growing, their career is flourishing, and everything is perfect. Until an unexpected tragedy swoops in out of nowhere, knocking her off balance, and sending her spiraling out of control.

Still reeling from the recent trauma, Lacey is unprepared for Reed’s return. She is even more caught off guard when he immediately tries to reclaim her as his wife.

One moment of weakness threatens to destroy everything she had come to cherish and depend on. Can Asher forgive her? Is she redeemable? How far is Reed willing to go to get back what he lost when he was incarcerated? Finally, everything Don had been hiding from her for years, comes to light, and Lacey and Asher realize they are fighting for more than their marriage.

Available in Kindle Unlimited

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