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A destiny handed down to me I never asked for, I was, unfortunately, good at it. Living a life of solitude, following in my father’s footsteps, I preyed on the sickness of Houston’s streets, cleaning up the mess to make them safer. Invisible to the law, I lived as I fought, alone.

One day, out of the blue, the very thing I’d been dreaming of since I was fourteen, literally shows up on my doorstep. Tatum Walker, the most beautiful, purest, radiant form of light is my new roommate, and it is love at first sight for me. She was whom I had been waiting for all these years. I had to have her.

She would balance out my darkness, make me whole, and clean my soul with her innocence. First, I had to find a way to make her understand – and accept – I was a vigilante. She would be mine, or we would leave this world together, with her in my arms, listening to my words of devotion.

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