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27 Weeks


The last thing I expected was to find a crazed gunman, bleeding to death in my woodshed. My cabin deep in the Montana mountains, I am all alone and helpless when Body O’Rourke takes me captive, threatening to kill me if I didn't help him.

The man is dangerous, an admitted killer, who had forced himself on me, so why didn't I run for my life when I had the chance? Why did I nurse him back to health? Why did he make me quiver with unknown sensations every time he gazed at me and practically growled my name like a feral animal?

The weeks tick by, the snow trapping us in the cabin together. Tension thickens, emotions heighten, and carnal needs get to the point where sanity no longer matters. Inhibitions be damned, our chemistry rocks that mountain to the core, changing me forever.

Come spring, with the melting snow, the authorities would find him. The freedom I once prayed for now terrified me more than being held captive. No matter what happened, I knew I would always be his little mouse.

Available in Kindle Unlimited

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