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Beautiful Tragedy

**Book One**

I had always lived by the “conquer and release” motto, without fault. Knocking prissy, wealthy ladies off their pedestals and changing their lives forever was my hobby. Awaken their sexual deviance and then never look back, laughing because their “vanilla” husbands will never satisfy their needs again.

Poppy Wentworth was supposed to be like any other rich elitist.

She was nothing like the others. For once, I was conquered. Getting a taste of my own medicine, I was the one released. Having never been in love, I had no idea what to do with a broken heart.


Just Beautiful

**Book Two**

Joining forces with Don to win back Axel had a little twist I wasn’t expecting. Who knew the man would rock my world and make me fall head over heels? He turned out to be everything I never knew I needed.

Unfortunately, our goal of reuniting our threesome has hit a few glitches. Layla Newman-Miller is just one obstacle. Someone wants me dead, and the suspect list keeps getting longer. Seems like I changed my ways a little too late.

Disowned, scared, heartbroken, and devastated, my life is spinning out of control. Still, somewhere in all the tragedy is love, and this time, I won’t choose money.


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