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Wolf's Pheromones

**Book One**


I spent fifteen years in jail for murder. My first night out, I met…her. She is “the” one, the woman who was created specifically for me, my forever mate. She’s beautiful, young, and  as deviant as I am.


How the hell was I supposed to know who she truly was? The last time I saw her, she was only two years old, I had no way of knowing!


Sneaking out of town in the middle of the night, I ran from the ghost of her memory for six years, living in agony, dying a little inside each day without my mate. When my sister’s death draws me home, and we are reunited, the dam breaks. I know I can no longer deny what happened between us. She is mine, and I have to have her at my side.


There are consequences to our love; the price must be paid in blood. I said I would die for her, and someone might hold me to that.


***Not a shifter romance***

Wolf's Pheromones

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