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**Book Two**


My little dove, oh how I love her. It’s not a healthy love, not in any way, and we are very aware of the dysfunction. Why fate decided she was the one for me, I will never know, but she is perfect in every way. I tired to live without her, but it is not possible. My existence relies on her being by my side.


Now comes the hard part; the lies, scheming, and manipulations to make it happen. It’s dangerous and if we’re caught, we’re dead. She is worth every risk, however. If we can pull it off, we can finally be a family, my pack will be whole.


No one has to understand our relationship, but they will accept it…or die. The question is, how many must I get rid of to have my little dove forever? Let the count begin. I will erase them all, if I have to.


***Not a shifter romance***

Wolf's Pack

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