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My Love, My King

**Book Two**

He always said he couldn’t breathe without me. I shouldn’t have been surprised when he burst into my life, showing no mercy – or forgiveness – and snatched me back to Florida. Staying true to his sadist ways, he made it quite clear, I would never be anything more than a pet, for I was tainted.

Still, he wanted me, but not as his queen…he wanted to break me, to torment me for my betrayals. And, oh, did the hurt feel so good! The punishments were sublime. Desperate to reclaim what we lost, I gave my submission with hopes of reminding him he was my love, my king.

The more Penny Montgomery resurfaced, the more our secrets were exposed. Somehow, I had to find a way to get Peter to forgive me while ensuring everyone’s safety, because if anyone tried to separate us again, it would be the last mistake they made.

My Love, My King

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