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Phoebe St. James

Born for the sole purpose of being groomed, I was good at obeying. Bowing down, being compliant, I am a good little girl. Whenever I find myself without a Daddy, I am consumed with anxiety and chaos, needing the structure and stability from being a possession. I knew my place, so why the hell did Jett feel the need to change things? Why wouldn’t he just groom me? He needed to put a collar on me and lock me down, just like everyone else.

Jett Álvarez

Everything she had been taught is wrong, so damn wrong! She was worth so much more than she thought. Everyone always took, I wanted to give back. Always bending over to please her Daddies, I wanted to change to be who she needed. For once, someone was going to make her a priority. My little bird was growing new wings. The day she learned to fly would be the most beautiful sight to see. I would not own her, I would love her. Forever.

Imperfectly Groomed

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