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**Book One**


I am in love with someone I shouldn’t be, but that doesn’t stop me from doing whatever it takes to get his attention. Even as Kayden pushes away and shuts me out, I don’t give up on what my heart wants.

I will have him, but only if he accepts me as I am. He may be my first love, but no one owns me. I do what I want, and he can never change that.


How can I accept her life choices? Hating myself because I can’t control my feelings, and hating her for not bowing down to my demands, I am a loose cannon. There is no lid to my rage when I hear the word, “no.”

One heartbeat, two hearts, one string ties us together forever. I must learn to look the other way or suffer immensely without her.

I Shouldn't Love You: Heartbeat

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